Customized your own prescription cycling sunglasses


Cycling sunglasses are essential equipment for rider, but conventional cycling glasses are not good for nearsighted cyclists.I’m extremely nearsighted with with 4.5 diopters.How to choose a suitable pair of customized prescription cycling sunglasses is very important to me. Here are some of my experiences:

The popular myopia cycling glasses on the market have the following two types:

1.Cycling sunglases with optical insert

Advantages: Cheap, easy to disassemble and replace

Disadvantages: heavy, poor fit,discomfort when switching between far and near visual fields.

2.Integrated helmet goggles

Advantages: solve the problem of visual field deformation, detachable

Disadvantages: heavier, not fit, bumpy roads and long-distance roads, myopia glasses will collide with the goggles, the field of view will be deformed during the collision, and dizziness.

Summary: suitable for flat roads and short distances

Guangzhou Xunqi glasses company released a new customized prescription cycling glasses in 2021,Model XQ128A.Can be customized diopter lens directly installed in the frame. It is very light, convenient replacement,and excellent fit.



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