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Guangzhou Xunqi Glasses Factory is a professional manufacturer of sports sunglasses, casual sunglasses,fit over sunglasses,ski goggles,motorcycle goggles,military goggles and other products. Since its inception, the company has been continuously satisfying the needs of customers with Xunqi products, which are consistently perfect, guaranteed quality, delivered on time and continuously developed, and gradually gained the favor and joy of customers. Love.

In line with the principle of customer interests first, we believe that "customer success we can go further", and do our best to provide better quality, more competitive prices and further integration for optical glasses.
Sports sunglasses
​sports sunglasses
fitover sunglasses
​fitover sunglasses
ski goggles
​ski goggles
motocross goggles
​motocross goggles
motorcycle goggles
​motorcycle goggles


We are a factory specialzing in sport eyewear for more than 8 years

Fast delivery. Goods could be deliver to you by air or by ship within 7~35 days

Small orders are accepted. You can place an order within your budget

Prompt reply gives us better communication

OEM service offered make your design and new ideas come true

Packing well enables you to receive prefect stuff for long distance


PC lenses (commonly known as: the universe sheet, space film) is derived from a material scientist to make space exploration equipment can adapt to the special environment of space and out of the study, it is commonly known: the universe or space film sheet. PC resin is an excellent thermoplastic material, particularly suitable for the production of spectacle lenses.
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    Great sports sunglasses are piece of essential grear when you enjoying outdoor sports activity. It can shield your eyes from the sun and with these following functions:
    *Filters glare off water
    *Heightens contrast for ball sports
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  • Are Photochromic Sunglasses Good For Cycling

    The development of photochromic sunglasses has a history of more than 10 years. Photochromic sunglasses tint will be changed when the sunshine change.So that You don't having to replace different color lens when cycling.We believe that Xunqi Photochromic cycling sunglasses are the best choice for eye protection in cycling activities, and at a great price.   Read More>

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