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Why do you have to wear ski goggles for skiing

Do I have to wear protective glasses for skiing? it is necessary. Because ice and snow and glaciers at high altitudes reflect strong light to stimulate our eyes, especially the inflammation caused by ultraviolet rays that damage the cornea and conjunctival epithelium. If we do not wear custom ski goggles for a long time in the ice and snow, our eyes are very susceptible to snow blindness caused by the strong reflection of ultraviolet rays from the ice and snow.

1. Snow blindness symptoms:

The main symptoms of snow blindness are swelling and pain in the eyes, fear of light and tears, blurred vision, dark vision, inability to open the eyes, and temporary blindness in severe cases.

2. Snow blindness protection:

When walking in an ice and snow environment, wear dark-colored anti-ultraviolet sunglasses or snow protective glasses to prevent the reflection of ultraviolet rays on ice and snow from damaging your eyes.

3. Snow blindness treatment:

1) After the occurrence of snow blindness, in order to prevent accelerated eye damage, leave the ice and snow environment in time.

2) Wash your eyes with eye drops, or wash your eyes with cold water and fresh milk at about 20 degrees.

3) Cover the eyes with medical gauze, reduce eye use, and try to close your eyes and rest.

4) Do not use hot compresses. High temperature will aggravate eye pain.

5) Wear anti-UV glasses immediately after the onset.

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