What Polarized Sunglasses are and What Polarized Lenses do

Polarized sunglasses are different from regular sunglasses. So, what are polarized sunglasses? They are worn to reduce eyestrain and light glare. If you play or work outdoors, you can become tired, frustrated and even blinded by the light and glare. This is where the need for polarized sunglasses comes in. The sunglasses can solve the problem of fatigue, frustration and temporary blindness caused by the light and glare.

With the chemical used to coat polarized lenses, they act as filters for what is being reflected into your eyes directly. This filter is vertical, and since glare is horizontal light, the polarized lenses block its light and only let in vertical light. So this is how glare is prevented from shining into your eyes directly.

What do polarized lenses do, or when can they be used?

  • Polarized sunglasses can be used for most everyday outdoor activities. People who use them can testify that they are less tired than usual after being out in the sun for a long time. So what do polarized lenses do? Here’s your answer:
  • If golf is your preferred sport or playing golf is a hobby of yours, you should try playing with a pair of polarized sunglasses on. Without the sun’s reflection and glare disturbing your eyes, you are less likely to lose track of your golf ball in flight after your swing.
  • It also helps with fishing. Polarized lenses allow you to see clearly into the water and, consequently, catch more fish.
  • You may enjoy taking trips on the water, driving your boat. This activity may cause eyestrain. With your polarized sunglasses, you may see below the water surface better and, of course, prevent the eyestrain.
  • Snow also causes glare. So, polarized sunglasses are usually a good choice when you’re out in the snow.

What are the benefits of polarized lenses?

They reduce the glare of light:

When you’re outdoors, your eyes need protection. So whether the glare is coming from the sun directly or from the snow or water, the polarized lenses reduce it. And, polarized lenses have inbuilt UV protection, which is essential in every pair of sunglasses.

They reduce eye strain:

Since they reduce reflection and glare, they consequently minimize strain on the eyes while you’re playing/working outdoors.

They provide clearer vision:

This is the most significant benefit of polarized lenses. It provides clarity of vision while you are outdoors. Because they are built to filter light, they remove the glare, enabling you to see things clearer. Seeing better or clearer improves your natural abilities. For example, if you’re out fishing, you won’t have to squint around the sun’s reflection on the water, and you’ll fish better.

Where can you get your polarized sunglasses?

When shopping for sunglasses for your customers, don’t just consider appearance. Remember that polarized glasses are not meant for fashion, they are designed to protect your eyes.

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