What Is Dirt Bike Goggle Tear Offs A Guide To Finding The Best Wholesale Goggle

When riding a motocross, having a clear vision is a vital consideration. Motocross goggle is a must-have protective tool for dirt bike riders. Considering the dirt bike goggle tear-offs, you will protect yourself from debris, mud, Wind, and dust.

If you have gone through our range of motocross goggles, you understand that there are various colors and designs to choose from. What makes it more interesting is Xunqi wholesale goggle, you can choose and get customized products.


What are dirt bike goggle tear-offs?

These are premium-made thin plastic sheets installed on the goggles lens. They can easily be removed once dirty to prevent sight blockage while riding or racing. The goggle tear-off also protects the lens and goggles from scratching.

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What lenses do dirt bike goggle tear-offs use?

Even with so many brands in the market, these wholesale goggles use different lenses, which also help to determine their prices. Dirt bike goggles tear-offs have different lenses.

The most common lens used on standard goggles tear off is the tented and clear lenses. The majority of these tear-offs currently have anti-fog and anti-scratch properties. There are also some with dual lenses ideal for fog prevention and a superior ventilation system.

Other lenses include amber and yellow lenses that can assist during low-light cases. Now, one of the latest advancements is using polycarbonate lenses as offered by XUNQI GLASSES FACTORY. These are light-sensitive lenses that filter light.

The polycarbonate lens is made of lightweight plastic that can correct light problems, withstand impact, and bring a streamlined appearance to the glasses.

This means the polycarbonate lens brightens up shadows and cuts down glare. So, if you are riding on trails where light conditions keep changing, the polycarbonate lens is an ideal option.


Why choose XUNQI as your wholesale Goggle?

By partnering with a wholesaler, you will not only get discounted prices but also get quality products customized to your needs. So, here are unique reasons why you should choose XUNQI.

  • Experience: With over 17 years of experience and CE Certification as one of the leading custom eyewear manufacturers, we are experts in producing high-quality goggles with a touch of modern technology.

All our eyewear collection meets industrial standards. Our dirt bike goggle tear-offs are of polycarbonate lenses, which you can count on even on dangerous trails.

  • Customization: All our collections have a personal touch. We customize lenses, shapes, logos, colors, and sizes of our products as per customer’s needs. So as a business person, our products will be more profitable as they meet the target market of fashionistas and sports enthusiasts. This is a highlight of our customization process.

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Dirt bike goggle tear-offs are thin plastic sheets used on goggle lenses by motocross riders. The advantage is that you can tear it off when covered by mud, debris, or dirt while riding. These tear-offs will not only protect the goggle lens but clear the vision. So, for quality eyewear products, consider XUNQI as your wholesale Goggle.


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