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Are you interested in the sunglass business but finding it hard to locate a quality-oriented distributor? Relax at Guangzhou Xunqi Glasses Co., Ltd. We are the best-rated sunglass wholesale distributors with full knowledge of what it takes to have the best. Our production line and testing mechanism make it unique. Our 15 years of experience have helped us build on a quality culture as sunglass wholesale distributors. Furthermore, we are FDA certified company and acknowledged sunglass wholesale distributors. Read through the article as we enlighten you on what makes us the best.


Why Are We the Best-Rated Sunglass Wholesale Distributors?

Our product catalog containing various sunglasses has made us the most preferred sunglasses wholesale distributors. At Guangzhou Xunqi Glasses Co., Ltd, the product categories include sports sunglasses, ski goggles, Motorcross goggles, fit-over sunglasses, fashion sunglasses, and military goggles.


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Also, at Guangzhou Xunqi Glasses Co., Ltd, we offer delivery to different parts of the world. For small products, we deliver via expresses such as DHL or EMS. For urgent orders, the products are delivered by air; for the large ones, we provide them using a ship through the port of Guangzhou.

On the issue of the time taken for the distribution, at Guangzhou Xunqi Glasses Co., Ltd, we have a five-star rating numerous times as we take a short time to finish and deliver your product. It only takes us 20-35days to complete and deliver the product.

Interestingly, our products are certified to have met the requirement of Europe and American standards. This makes us of the best and recommended sunglass wholesale distributors.

Also, we are offering an exhibition opportunity to receive many customers and offer them a chance to have products of their taste and preference. The exhibition has portrayed us as one of the best sunglass wholesale distributors.

At Guangzhou Xunqi Glasses Co., Ltd, we distribute to large areas of the world, including Europe, South Korea, and Canada. This has made us known as preferred sunglasses wholesale distributors.


What Are Our Sunglass Wholesale Distributors’ Options?

We distribute various product categories to ensure we reach our esteemed customers worldwide.


Sports Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses are an enticing category that is welcome in the world. We understand the danger associated with activities such as cycling and golf sunglasses as we know the risks of logs getting in the eyes. Therefore, we promote sports sunglasses distribution to regions such as the United States.

We also have an option of quality ski goggles that are worn during skiing. The sunglasses protects one from direct sunlight-burning eyes. As sunglass wholesale distributors, we distribute various ski goggles to regions such as Canada and Europe.


Motorcross Goggles

At Guangzhou Xunqi Glasses Co., Ltd, we distribute attractive Motorcross goggles. The goggles are good at protecting the eyes from debris. The various product of Motorcross goggles has unique features. Motorcross may be distributed in places such as Canada and United States.


sunglass wholesale distributors


Fit Over Sunglasses

The following product is the fit sunglasses that are important among our clients as they are used to cover the myopia glasses inside. At Guangzhou Xunqi Glasses Co., Ltd, we avail this type of sunglass in extra small, small, medium large slim, and large. We distribute them across Europe, the United States, and Canada, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


sunglass wholesale distributors


Fashion Sunglasses

We also have a type for the fashion people as we have the best quality types of fashion sunglasses. Fashion sunglasses have remained a fashion accessory. At Guangzhou Xunqi Glasses Co., Ltd, we avail some of the customer-preferred types with amazing features such as being colored, polarized, or even darkened.


Military Goggles

Are you passionate military personnel? We also have something for you regarding military tactical or safety goggles. The military goggle protects soldiers from small projectiles and fragments that may damage the eyes. Our best-quality military goggles are distributed to the United States and Europe.


Conclusively, at Guangzhou Xunqi Glasses Co., Ltd, quality is our anthem. Thus, we have a large group of workers with different experiences and expertise to ensure we avail the best and continue being the best sunglass wholesale distributors. Visit us and get the best and most price-friendly products of sunglasses.


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