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Sunglasses basic knowledge and buying guide

01 Frame and lens of sunglasses

Sunglasses have a variety of different frames, and people's appearance will change according to the frame. To know the basic knowledge of sunglasses, we must first understand the frame style of sunglasses.

The oval frame is very popular among young people and designers, and it is easy to use. The oval frame refers to the oval-shaped sunglasses frame. This is one of the classic types of sunglasses to choose from. It is easy to match any hairstyle and style. Men tend to use narrower frames, while women tend to use thicker frames and larger lenses. Many international celebrities also like to use it very much.

The round frame gives a soft impression. It is easy to see if it matches your appearance, and it is also important in matching hairstyles and styling. It is also called Lloyd's Frame, because the well-known American comedian Harold. Lloyd also uses this type of frame. Before the precise technology of cutting lenses, most of them used this kind of frames.

A square frame is a square frame with many colors and designs. Because it has a wide horizontal surface and a short vertical surface, it has the effect of tightening the face and gives people a wise feeling when worn. This is the basic sales of every sunglasses company.

The pilot frame is a frame specially designed for pilots in World War II. The original intention of this type of frame design is to cover most of the face to withstand the sun's damage to the eyes. But now, because of the movie's styling and matching, it has become a popular dazzling style. The aviator frame can highlight the facial lines and has a slightly masculine flavor, so this is a popular style among men.

Most sports sunglasses are made in one piece, giving people a stylish and sporty image. Because there is no frame, the appearance is very simple. It looks very futuristic, and it is also very suitable for matching with fashionable clothing.

Because it is different from ordinary sunglasses, people who like to collect sunglasses usually have a pair of sports frames.

Sporty sunglasses

The feature of the cat glasses frame is that it is slightly raised on both sides of the upper end of the frame, just like the eyes of a cat. It will never go out of fashion among women, and many internationally renowned actresses or models love to use it. There is a strong nostalgic style, but without losing a sense of fashion. It can modify the face shape and is suitable for round faces, even square faces.

Cat eye sunglasses

Octagonal sunglasses are octagonal as the name suggests. This is a style that creates a classic atmosphere in the retro. Although it looks sharp and unique, it is surprisingly matched with any style. Because the lens area is larger, it can make the face look smaller. It is a popular sunglasses recommendation that girls will like to wear.

The material of the octagonal sunglasses frame

The recommended frames of sunglasses are made of various materials, and the appearance of the sunglasses changes with the use of materials. Let us master the characteristics of the material and choose the sunglasses that suit us.

Plastic frame sunglasses

Plastic frame materials are used in many sunglasses. It is a typical material recommended for sunglasses. Among them are cellulose acetate, which is mass-produced by injection molding and has good fire resistance, durable, luster and colorful celluloid, light-weight special material Optyl, and highly flexible Nylon. Sunglasses made of different materials with plastic frames will produce different images and can be matched with any style.

The sheet metal frame is very similar to plastic, non-irritating to the skin, durable and tough, with good texture, and many color changes. It is mostly used in brand sunglasses and is suitable for users who emphasize personal taste.

TR plastic frame is also called super-elastic memory resin. After bending, it can return to the original frame. It is light in weight and comfortable to wear. This kind of sunglasses is recommended for users who will hit strenuous exercises, such as playing ball and other sports.

Metal frame sunglasses

Metal sunglasses give people a stylish and calm image. The material includes high-strength nickel alloy and titanium with excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Metal sunglasses can be matched with beautiful styles or formal dresses.

Premium material sunglasses frame

Some sunglasses are made of high-quality materials, rubber and metal, including 18K gold, tortoiseshell, horns, and high-grade wood. Every high-grade material is rare and expensive. Therefore, it is often used as a material for luxury brand sunglasses.

Sunglasses lens

Sunglasses also have many types of lenses, each function is different, so you can refer to the lens function as one of the main points of sunglasses selection. The function of the lens will be described below.

Polarized sunglasses

Polarized lenses can filter the reflected light from water or sunlight hitting the road surface. The light reflected by the horizontal vibration of the object is polarized light, which will affect the line of sight. The horizontal reflected light can be completely filtered and removed by the polarizing filter, allowing clear color light to pass through. Using this kind of polarized sunglasses can reduce glare from all directions and protect the eyes. Polarized sunglasses lenses can improve the effect of sunglasses.

Sunglasses with degree

If you usually need ordinary glasses with prescription, you can also buy sunglasses with prescription. Generally, the more troublesome thing about glasses is that you cannot see the line of sight in front of you when you change your sunglasses.

At present, there are many sunglasses on the market that can be replaced with optical lenses. Even branded sunglasses can also be customized, so you don't need to change your glasses frequently. However, some sunglasses still have a degree limit, so please choose carefully.

Transparent lenses, as the name suggests, are transparent. Although they are sunglasses, they may not block too much light because they are not tinted lenses, or they may feel that the light outside is very bright. In fact, the transparent lens can reduce ultraviolet rays, but it will not change the color tone, so you can still see the normal color.

Although it can't block too much brightness, it works well in places where the light is not strong, so you won't feel the light is dim.

In addition, it can also be used as a styling match. The transparent lenses of some sunglasses are dyed with colors, which have different uses according to different colors, and they have different styling effects when worn.

Sunglasses with coated lenses

Coated lenses are lenses with reflective coatings, especially in places with strong sunlight, such as snow and beaches. It is a very common accessory among athletes. It is difficult to see the eyes from the outside, so it has the effect of making it difficult for the other party to guess their own thoughts. There are three types of coated lenses: mercury, color silver and multilayer coating.

Sunglasses with color-changing lenses

Color-changing lenses can cause lens discoloration from light to dark according to the intensity of ultraviolet rays. The color will become darker when the ultraviolet rays are strong, and the color will become lighter when the ultraviolet rays are weak or when you return to the room. If you don't want to change glasses often, consider using it.

Now some sports sunglasses also have this function, with the intensity of the light, the lens color will become darker or lighter.

02 Choose sunglasses according to face shape, brand and purpose

When choosing sunglasses, it is important to choose a suitable face shape and brand, so you must understand the characteristics of each brand for a suitable face shape. Of course, the purpose of use should also be considered. The following will introduce each point of choosing sunglasses one by one.

Choose a sunglasses frame that suits your face

Since sunglasses are also glasses, it is also very important to choose suitable sunglasses according to your face shape. By choosing sunglasses that match your face shape, you can modify your face shape and add points to your image. Let's take a look at how to choose a sunglasses frame that suits your face shape.

Recommended sunglasses for egg-shaped faces

People with egg-shaped faces are almost suitable for all types of sunglasses frames, but avoid choosing rectangular or rectangular sunglasses to avoid making the face look too long.

Recommended sunglasses for round faces

People with round faces should not choose a round frame, because the round frame will make the round face appear more round. Square or cat-eye sunglasses can modify a round face, making the round face less noticeable and looking longer and thinner.

Square sunglasses

Square sunglasses are suitable for round faces because of their edges and corners. Avoid making round faces more round. We recommend sunglasses for round faces.

Cat eye sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses have a distinct shape design due to the slightly raised ends of the cat-eye sunglasses, so that the image will not be focused on the round face. Sunglasses suitable for the round face are recommended.

Recommended sunglasses for long faces

Oval and aviator sunglasses are recommended for long faces, as they can modify the face that is too long. On the other hand, avoid using square frames because the vertical width is very short, which emphasizes the length of the face.

Aviator glasses, because they cover most of the face, make the long face look smaller and shorter. Oval sunglasses, because of their oval shape, have a curvature that fits the face shape and can modify the edges and corners of a long face.


Recommended sunglasses for square faces

It is recommended that people with square faces wear oval, round, or cat-eye sunglasses.

A round frame can modify the outline of the edges and corners to make it more gentle. Therefore, wearing round-frame glasses on a square face can soften the contour of the face.

Although oval glasses have a long horizontal plane, they are slightly rounded, so they can modify the sharpness of a square face. It is a good idea to choose a wider oval frame.

Cat-shaped sunglasses, with an arc-shaped appearance, can decorate a square face. They are loved by celebrities because of their special shape. Like the princess cat's eye, it is famous for being worn by the princess of England.

On the contrary, you should try to avoid the use of square frames, which will emphasize the outline of the square.

Recommended for triangular face sunglasses

It is recommended that people with an inverted triangle face wear oval sunglasses. The round frame can give a sharp face a gentle image. The big frame can have the effect of small face display.

On the other hand, try to avoid using square sunglasses. A wide vertical frame will emphasize the sharpness of the chin.

Choose by sunglasses brand

There are also many manufacturers and brands of sunglasses. Some brands specialize in the development and sales of glasses-related products, while others are accessories launched by fashion brands. Both have good designs, just choose your favorite sunglasses brand.

Outdoor sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses can be worn outdoors. In the current environment, as long as there is the sun, there will be reflected light, such as the glass windows of the building, the road surface, and the water surface. Depending on where you go outdoors, it may take a long time to expose to the sun, which puts a lot of pressure on your eyes. In ordinary sunglasses, some do not have the effect of anti-reflective glare, so it is better to wear sports brand sunglasses. For example, when you are climbing, choose sunglasses that can reduce ultraviolet rays, which can effectively protect and cover your eyes.

Usually wearing sunglasses outdoors can not only protect your eyes, but if you choose to match your own style of sunglasses, you will have a sense of fashion.

Sports sunglasses

It is recommended to choose sports brands for the sunglasses worn during sports. Sports brand sunglasses are powerful and adaptable. They can effectively block ultraviolet rays and sunlight, and will not fall off even with strenuous exercise. There are many fashionable styles that can also be used in daily life, so this type of sunglasses can also be used as a dual purpose for fashion and sports.

According to different sports, you should wear different sports sunglasses, such as mountain climbing and skiing. Because the sun is strong and the reflected light is strong on the snow on the mountain, you need strong anti-ultraviolet and glare sunglasses, especially sunglasses that can cover the entire eye. optimal.

Children's sunglasses

Like adults, children also have many kinds of sunglasses.

For children who often play outside, there are many types of lenses such as UV protection and sports lenses. The younger the child, the lower the resistance of the eyes to ultraviolet rays. Children under the age of 15 have a penetration rate of more than 50% for the eyes of ultraviolet rays. If the eyes are not protected, the chances of causing cataracts or macular degeneration will be increased when they grow up. Increase, so the younger the child is, the more he should pay attention to protecting his eyes. In addition, sunglasses can also be used as children's fashion modeling applications. Many sunglasses have rich color variations. It can be said that one of the accessories of children's modeling is not exaggerated.