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Ski goggles and usage characteristics

Ski goggles are divided into ordinary snowboard and double-board sports ski goggles and snowmobile snow goggles. Due to the strong reflection of the sun on the snow, and the cold wind during gliding, the eyes are very irritating, so ski goggles are needed to protect the eyes of skiers. It should be noted that skiers who wear glasses should choose OTG model snow goggles so that they can cover all myopia.

With the development of science and technology, the ski lens has also developed from a single guide to a double layer. It is not anti-fog to anti-frost, and can be applied to various weather conditions. The mirror surface is divided into an inner lens and an outer lens. The inner lens is made of resin and has good water absorption. It has a good anti-fogging effect after being immersed in an anti-fog liquid. The surface of the outer lens is hardened to prevent the lens from being scratched. The color is plated outside the strengthening layer. The main materials for color plating are silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide. In addition, there are vents made of ventilated sponge on the upper edge of the outer frame to dissipate the hot air discharged from the facial skin to the outside of the mirror to ensure that the mirror has a good visual effect.

Experience 1: Choose a fully enclosed ski goggles. The appearance of this ski goggles is similar to diving goggles, which can be close to the face, prevent wind from entering, and effectively protect the eyes and skin around the eyes from being blown by cold wind.

Experience 2: Choose a lens with an anti-ultraviolet index above UV400 to protect your eyes and resist UV rays.

Experience 3: It is best to choose lenses with anti-fog coating.

Experience 4: Choose flexible lenses and frames so that they will not cause damage to the face when they are hit.

Experience 5: The upper eaves of the outer frame must have vents made of ventilated sponge, so that the hot air discharged from the facial skin can be dissipated outside the mirror.

Experience 6: Skiers who wear glasses should choose ski goggles (OTG) that can be equipped with myopia lenses when choosing ski goggles.

Experience 7: Choose the method of equipped with myopia frame inside the snow goggles with large frame, it is easy to damage the glasses when falling down, and the myopia frame is easy to scratch the snow lens, especially the coating layer.

Experience 8: According to the weather conditions of the snow field, that is, the brightness, choose snow glasses with different lens colors to wear. Generally, yellow, orange, and red lenses will have a significant brightening effect. Of course, if the weather is bright, the snow goggles wearing this color lens are prone to eye fatigue.