• 1.safetyMainly the safety of the material and design of the glasses. The lens must be bulletproof material (PC lens) or a higher level of aviation glass material (RUDY's IMPACTX lens). The frame must have a tough material (plastic titanium) that is not easy to break and has a strong durability. The

  • The best cycling sunglasses not only protect your eyes from sunlight,but also do many things.If riding glasses with interchangeable lenses,they are more popular with the rider.

  • Bike sunglasses is a kind of shades design for cyclists.It has the functions of dustproof,windproof and UV protection.According to different needs,cycling glasses should choose different lens colors.

  • Today, I am honored to have invited China's Douyin net red Xu Hong to test Xunqi sports cycling glasses for us.Xu Hong, born in 1995, is from Zhejiang. I usually love all kinds of sports, especially cycling. "I have been insisting on cycling since high school, and it has been 8 years now. I like the

  • Xunqi is always focus on expanding European market. In the past April, we have cooperated with a famous sunglasses brand in Europe, who has been in marketing sales of Sunglasses over 15 years.After visiting us and test our products here, he decided to place an order of our interchangeable cycling sunglasses.

  • Both safety glasses and safety goggles are designed to protect your eyes, but your work environment determines which style will better suit your needs. As eye injuries become increasingly common in the workplace, it’s more important than ever to take the preventative step of wearing safety-certified

  • ARE POLARIZED LENSES GOOD FOR GOLF?Golf is a visually challenging game. Many conditions, such as different lighting, course distance, background and wind, can affect the golfer's performance. Expert golfers believe that golfers should pay careful attention in three areas if they want to improve your

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