Motorcycle Goggles

China motocross goggles are often considered a fashion statement, but they do more than that: protection. Even the smallest particles of dust or debris can cause serious damage to people's eyes when driving on a highway at 60 miles per hour (96.56 kilometers). China motorcycle goggles are the protective barrier between dust and debris and motorcycle driver's eyes. Motorcyclists wear goggles to protect their eyes if they don't have a full face helmet.  Our motorcycle goggles not only prevent flying debris, but also protect against harmful ultraviolet rays in the sun. We also provide many kinds of custom ski goggles and you can contact us as soon as possible!

Selection criteria of motorcycle goggles

Impact protection: when doing sports, it must be considered that the eyes and face may be impacted. The anti-collision standard of ordinary goggles is ANSI (Z80), and the force generated by impact is far greater than this standard. Even the glasses that meet the professional standard (ansiz87) can not bear this impact force, so we should pay great attention to the anti-collision standard of lenses when choosing glasses.

How to choose goggles, exposure protection. Outdoors, wind, rain and snow can significantly affect a person's vision. Sunglasses should not only protect the eyes from ultraviolet, blue light and strong sunlight, but also protect the integrity of tear film tissue. Based on the experience of LASIK and other refractive surgeries, we believe that a stable and normal tear film is essential for vision and visual sensitivity. The structure of the goggles should be coordinated with the face to the greatest extent, not only to make the customers comfortable to wear, but also to make the air around the glasses circulate.

Improve vision and visual sensitivity: leisure sunglasses in addition to fully absorb UV, glasses color (hue and density) is also very important. Many manufacturers of special goggles and sunglasses have passed the inspection in terms of the color of special glasses and are trustworthy. The color of goggles should not only adapt to the special sports, but also to the needs of patients. It needs to be tested to show whether a certain color is the complementary color of the user or conflicts with the user's personal adaptive color. From a professional perspective, we should be able to find the color habits of patients' eyes.

Specific sports: General leisure sports glasses should consider the lighting conditions of different places, visual sensitivity and lens shattering resistance. Specific activities have specific needs for sunglasses. Take cycling as an example, the head posture of cyclists and motorcyclists is different. Cyclists tend to head down to minimize wind resistance. The axis of vision of cyclists is through the upper part of the lens, so the inclination angle they wear is larger than that of traditional glasses. The driver's driving posture is just the opposite, his head may be inclined, so that the visual axis intersects close to the bottom of the lens, and the rake angle is usually zero degrees.