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Have you made 6 mistakes about cycling glasses?

As an important piece of equipment in cycling sports, cycling glasses have gradually become one of the essential equipment for cycling enthusiasts, just like helmets. Summer is the peak period for the use of cycling glasses, but cycling sunglasses are not exclusive to summer. In spring, autumn, and winter, as long as you are cycling, you need to wear cycling glasses to protect your eyes.

When the weather is fine, the sunlight reflected on the road will make the eyes receive more ultraviolet reflection; in windy weather, foreign matter and dust will blow into the eyes if you are not careful, not only hurt your eyes but also easily cause danger; snowy days, white snow reflections and even It may make the eyes suffer from "snow blindness"... so riding glasses can effectively protect our eyes.

However, people often fall into some misunderstandings when using cycling glasses. Today we will take a look at the common misunderstandings of those cycling glasses.

Using sunglasses as cycling glasses

Sunglasses look similar to cycling glasses. I wear sunglasses when I ride a bike.

This view is wrong, the appearance is very similar, but the lens is completely different.

Sunglasses and cycling glasses do have a lot of similarities in appearance, so they are more or less similar in use. But when it comes to riding, out of a responsible attitude to oneself, the more professional Xunqi riding glasses are our highly recommended choice.

The darker the lens, the better

The dark color of the lens can indeed weaken the sunlight, but the ultraviolet rays that are harmful to human eyes will still pass through the lens.

Therefore, the darker the lens, the better is not reliable, and even harmful.

If the sun is not strong, you don’t need to wear cycling glasses

The lack of sunlight does not mean that it will not cause damage to the eyes, and riding glasses can also play a role in wind, sand, and insects, so you should wear them when riding.

 If you are nearsighted, you can't wear cycling glasses

There are indeed many inconveniences in cycling with myopia, but this does not mean that cycling glasses cannot be worn.

Many myopic friends like to wear invisible and then wear cycling glasses. You don't seem to be so comfortable wearing invisible to your bike.

Xunqi has customized cycling glasses for myopia, which perfectly solves this problem without affecting comfort.

Wearing cycling glasses worth 20 or 30 yuan

There are many cycling glasses that cost 20 to 30 yuan, and they also come with free shipping, so the sales are not low.

Cheap is not good, this sentence still makes sense, not to mention that the cycling glasses bought at this price are polarized, maybe they will fall apart as soon as the wind blows out.

When buying cycling glasses, you must choose a regular brand, not cheap.

Randomly place cycling glasses when not wearing them

Many friends like to throw the cycling glasses around after riding the bike and even put them together with the cycling uniform and helmet.

When you are not wearing riding glasses, it is best to put them in a glasses case, wrap them in a glasses cloth, and keep them away from corrosive materials as much as possible.