Fitover Sunglasses

Polarised fit over sunglasses is a multi-purpose frame designed for myopia. Meet the indoor and outdoor use. People usually need to adjust the pupil size to adjust the luminous flux in the sunlight. When the light intensity exceeds the eye adjustment ability, it will cause harm to the eye. Therefore, in outdoor activities, especially in summer, it is necessary to use sunshade glasses to block the sun, so as to reduce the fatigue caused by eye adjustment or damage caused by strong light stimulation. Fit over sunglasses are the glasses that can cover myopia glasses inside. The outline of glasses can wrap up the myopia glasses. People don't think you're wearing shortsighted glasses. It is available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large Slim and Large. As China sunglasses supplier, we strive to provide you with quality product and the best customer experience possible!China's best quality fitover sunglasses manufacturers and suppliers, factory price of fitover sunglasses.