Factors To Consider While Buying Customized Sunglasses

Buying custom clothing or custom bags is a trend in the modern world. However, have you thought of buying custom sunglasses? You can choose custom-designed sunglasses as the best corporate giveaway. Buy bulk customized sunglasses at an affordable rate and place an order or print your brand logo. So, these logo-printed sunglasses will become your promotional gifts.

Most commonly, businesses purchase pre-designed sunglasses and personalize them with a logo. But, if you have an idea for a new design for your sunglasses, an outdoor eyewear manufacturer in China is ready to help you. Before ordering custom-designed, unique sunglasses, you should focus on some important factors.

bulk customized sunglasses

Frame material for your sunglasses

The best outdoor eyewear manufacturer in China chooses quality glasses for the bespoke design of the product. Customizable frame materials include stainless steel, acetate, aluminum, and magnesium.

Frames can also be decorated with semi-precious stones to make the sunglasses look attractive. Although plastic frames are affordable and lightweight, they are not durable. So, choosing metal frames is good for your bulk-customized sunglasses.

bulk customized sunglasses

Lens tint and type

A pair of high-quality sunglasses with the right lens tint provides the best visual experience. The outdoor eyewear manufacturer in China prefers darker lens tints if there are brighter light conditions. On the other hand, sunglasses with lighter tints can be used for indoor environments or low-light conditions. Golfers and skiing professionals need to choose sunglasses with special lens tints, such as yellow.

Lens type is another important factor for sunglasses buyers. You can decide whether you should choose a mirrored, polarized, or photochromic lens for your custom sunglasses.

Polarized ones minimize the glare, while the mirrored lens comes with a reflective coating. These mirrored sunglass lenses ensure protection against bright light. Again, the UV exposure leads to an alternation of color of photochromic lenses.

So, when you invest in bulk customized sunglasses, you should consider the lens type and tint. The outdoor eyewear manufacturer in China will choose the tint and type of lenses depending on your needs.

Proper fit

Appropriate sizing is a vital factor when buying bulk customized sunglasses. The most efficient custom glass designers ensure good coverage of your eyes.

Oversized eyewear will fall off your nose and do not provide proper protection from external elements. On the other hand, smaller frames make you feel discomfort. Some frames can be resized according to the user’s fit and feel. The outdoor eyewear manufacturer in China focuses on this aspect while designing the sunglasses.

bulk customized sunglasses

Shape of your sunglasses frame

The frame’s shape makes the difference in the protection level and style. The most popular ones are oval and round frames to create a vintage look. However, the outdoor eyewear manufacturer in China recommends rectangular and square frames for outdoor activities like cycling and skiing. There are also rimless and semi-less sunglasses without screws and rivets. That is why they are lightweight eyewear in the market.

Connect with the most trusted outdoor eyewear manufacturer in China to place an order of bulk customized sunglasses. Determine the design details while placing the order.


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