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Sports Style Sunglasses

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1.Selecting a Frame.

(1)Think about where you will wear them. If you are buying your glasses for a specific sport, such as cycling, this should be easy for you; however, if you plan to use these glasses for a variety of sports then you need to consider what demands and expectations you will place upon this product.

(2)Consider the frame material. Are you playing a sport where weight matters? If this is the case, then you will need to go with a lighter frame. Do you expect your glasses to fall on the ground at least once? Then you need a frame that can withstand some ‘abuse.’ Do you care about cost? If so, your frame choice may be more limited.

(3)Factor in the fit with your other sports gear. If you are participating in a sport that requires other head gear, such as a helmet, you need to consider how your sunglasses with work with, or against, these other items. Ideally, everything that you wear should function together to provide you with maximum safety, performance, and comfort.


2. Customizing Your Lenses

(1)Protect your eyes from harmful rays. Look for a lens that promises to block at least 99% of UVA and UVB rays.

  (2) Familiarize yourself with the advantages of various lens colors. Lenses come in all the colors of the rainbow. The color that you pick should depend on the sport that you play, the weather conditions of the sport, and the performance advantages that you desire. Be aware that you may also need to try on several lens colors before you find one that you prefer.

A---Green provides some glare and contrast reduction. It is well-suited for

general use, high-altitude sports, or boating/sailing.

B----Yellow is a popular lens color and it improves visibility in murky, low-

light conditions. It performs especially well early or late in the day. This lens is suitable for aviation, tennis, and biking.

C---Blues and purples are often favored for fashion reasons and they also reduce glare and elevate color differentiation. They are often worn by golfers.

D----Gray is a solid, generic use lens color suitable for most outdoor sports. It is easy on the eye, reducing fatigue. It also provides true color awareness and is good to wear for almost all weather conditions.

E------Pink and red lenses lessen eye strain and increase depth perception. They are especially suitable for severe, snowy weather conditions. Many alpine and racing athletes prefer these lens colors.

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Sport Sunglasses


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