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Motorcycle Sunglasses

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You shouldn't have to sacrifice clear vision for a sport you love. Wearing contacts or your everyday glasses or sunglasses on your bike can let in dust or wind, and if you choose non-prescription gear you're not performing to the best of your ability. If you motorcycle frequently you should definitely get prescription motorcycle sunglasses or goggles—luckily, we're here to help you narrow down the one that suits you best.



First off is the type of frame. You get different features with every brand and model, but here are the most important criteria to keep an eye out for.


You'll need to decide whether you want glasses or goggles, and the best way to determine this is the type of helmet you have. A full face helmet typically requires glasses, as goggles can be too bulky to fit properly beneath a face shield. If you have an open face helmet, goggles have much more coverage to shield your eyes from wind and stay firmly in place.


You'll also need to think about the coverage each frame provides. As open face helmets don't provide as much coverage, your goggles will need to be able to split the difference. This way, you'll get protection from wind, dust, or any other debris that could get in your eyes.


Motorcycle sunglasses and goggles are more than a cool accessory or a fashion statement—they need to be durable in case you take a nasty spill or if debris flies up and hits the lenses. Look for sturdy construction and a frame made out of nylon or an injection-molded plastic, which gives the goggles more durability than you'd find in standard sunglasses. Safety ratings (such as ANSI) are also a guarantee of a durable build.


Straight and slim temples fit best under a helmet—and when you get your sunglasses, test them under your helmet to see how comfortable the fit is. For long rides, you don't want your frames digging into the sides of your head. If you ordered goggles, check to see how the strap fits around the back and how easily you can remove them.


When glasses come with face foam, we look at several factors, removable and replacable as well as whether the foam is open cell or closed cell. Removable face foam is a great feature to have if your ride is short and hot or if you're looking for sunglasses you can wear both on and off the bike. You also want the foam to be easily replacable, since it's going to get pretty sweaty and dirty after a while even though the sunglasses or goggles might still be in great shape. Along with that, open cell foam isn't as durable but is easier to replace, while closed cell foam, despite holding up longer, can be difficult to replace.



There are several base lens tints to consider, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Clear tints are best for night riding or in heavily shadowed areas, plus you won't need to take off your sunglasses or goggles when going indoors. But if you're riding in bright sunlight, you're going to find yourself squinting.

Also consider yellow lenses for night riding, as they enhance detail and contrast in low light environments.

Meanwhile, grey lenses offer true to color perception to minimize distortions. These tints work best in bright, direct sunlight and are great for everyday wear. The downside is less contrast, so if you're expecting a rough ride, it might be harder to spot obstacles.

Brown and rose lenses offer that increased contrast you'll need to enhance your depth perception and perform at your peak, plus they have the advantage of working in most types of weather. On the other hand, if the sun is particularly bright, you might still be squinting.

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