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Motocross/ATV Sunglasses

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Aside from your helmet, goggles are one of the most important pieces of riding gear you wear. Being able to see clearly and protect your eyes is crucial. That’s why you should make sure the goggles you choose have the features below.


Strong, Durable Lenses with Tinting, Anti-fogging and UV Protection

Tinted goggles will improve the clarity of the trail ahead, and UV protection is essential for protecting the eyes and lessening the harshness of bright sunlight. Polarized lenses are ideal because they provide unmatched lucidity, allowing you to see every detail of what’s awaiting over the hill or around the corner. Most goggles have anti-fogging technology, but double-check the product description to make sure. You should also choose a brand that has replacement lenses available, especially if you race because tear-offs are a must for race day. If you wear prescription glasses, make sure you choose lenses that are big enough to fit over your glasses.


Lightweight, Strong and Flexible Frame

Today’s goggles have unmatched frame technology that will withstand almost any impact, yet they feel incredibly light and flexible on your head. Yes, you might pay a little more to get the latest and greatest in frame technology, but it’s worth it when you consider the comfort you want and protection you must have when racing or riding bumpy terrains.


Tight and Secure Fit

You don’t want your goggles moving around, causing you to become distracted or allowing dust and debris to get in your eyes. To avoid this, choose goggles with a thick, adjustable strap that pulls tight and stays in place. A silicone strap is best because it keeps your goggles stuck to your helmet.


Good Face Foam

No rider wants sweat dripping into their eyes or on their lens, clouding their vision. Make sure you choose goggles that have a good, non-irritating foam lining. Most goggles come with double or triple-layer foam technology that soaks up sweat and moisture, preventing it from running down your face or into your eyes.

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