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How to Test the Lens If It Is Polarized?

Views:13     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 09-16-2019      Origin:Site

The user can test the lens if it is polarized function with the test card.

The user can use the card which packed with cycling sunglasses to check the lens of the sunglasses if it is polarized or not.

The user can not see the fish on the test card before they wearing the polarized lens sunglasses, but they can see the fish after they wearing the polarized lens sunglasses clearly.

Ultraviolet-proof test.

We can know if the lens with UV400 function after testing with the testing instrument.

Before testing,the lights was showed:UV400 and 188900 all light turn on.

After testing, all the lights turned off and showed UV400, it is the standard UV400.

All the lights turned off

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