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  • Gray Lenses Sunglasses

    can absorb infrared rays and 98% of UV rays. The greatest advantage of gray lenses will not make the original scene color change because of the lens, and the largest satisfying is that it can be very effective in reducing the light intensity.

  • Pink Lenses Sunglasses

    This is a very popular color. It can absorb 95% of ultraviolet rays. If it is a vision correction glasses must always wear the best selection of ladies pink lenses pink lenses because UV absorption function better, and to make the overall light intensity decreases, so the wearer will feel more comfo

  • Light Purple Lenses

    pink lenses and the same, because the color is relatively deep, mature women suffer more welcome.

  • Brown lenses

    can absorb 100% of ultraviolet rays, brown lenses can filter out a lot of Blue-ray, can improve visual contrast and clarity, and therefore welcomed by the wearer. In particular, air pollution or punish under foggy conditions wear better. Generally block the smooth and shining surface reflected light

  • Sky Blue Lenses

    Travel in sea beach may be wearing blue lenses, can effectively filter out the blue sea and sky reflection blue. Blue lens can’t used when driving, because it will make us a confusion color traffic signals.

  • Green Lens Sunglasses

    Green lenses and gray lenses as it can be, can effectively absorb infrared light and 99% of UV rays. In the absorption of light at the same time, maximize the green light to reach the eye, it is very cool and comfortable feeling, eye fatigue for people to use.

  • Colorful Mirror Lens Sunglasses

    Can absorb light in the purple, blue, can absorb nearly 100% of ultraviolet and infrared, can block the smooth shiny surface reflects light glasses may still see the subtle part. With brilliant colors; but also to a variety of effective UV filter glare, enhance contrast within the field of vision, s

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