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Different Color Lens Sunglasses

Views:11     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 09-16-2019      Origin:Site

No matter what the weather, a hobby cyclist cannot stop his pace. But in different weather, how to choose the correct lens color is particularly important for the rider.

sunglasses lens color

Here are some color choices in different weather :

Grey polarized lens

The grey polarized lens with ultraviolet proof and anti-dazzle functions. It can insulate the harm light in the sunshine.

High definition colorful lens

It can prevent the ultraviolet ray,reduce the harsh glare, it is suitable for outdoor cycling and racing.

Yellow lens

The yellow lens can improve the contrast ratio,it is suitable to use in the darker case.

Blue lens

The blue lens can improved contrast ratio,the user can use in the case of air pol lution.

Clear colorful lens

The lens with light colorful effect,it can use as wind goggles or rainproof lens.

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