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8 points you need to know when buying cycling glasses

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1.Safety of cycling glasses

You need to consider the safety of the material and design.Lenses can choose polycarbonate or IMPACTX lenses.These two lenses are durable,scratch-resistant and excellent impact resistance.Frame can choose polycarbonate frame or plastic titanium.They have the characteristics of not easy to break and strong durability

 The lens must be bulletproof material (PC lens) or a higher level of aviation glass material (RUDY's IMPACTX lens). The frame must have a tough material (plastic titanium) that is not easy to break and has a strong durability. The frame and hinge must be designed so as not to cause secondary injury.

2.Lens sharpness of cycling glasses

A good lens can help you see the road and get a better riding experience.


There are two aspects of the durability of bicycle sunglasses that need to be explained.

  1. The hardness of hydrophilic rubber

Cycling glasses are reused.Soft rubber easily absorbs sweat and impurities,which is not conducive to repeated use.Hard rubber does not have this problem.In terms of wearing comfort,soft rubber and hard rubber are the same.

2.The scratch resistance of the lenses

If lenses is easily scratched,it will reduce the number of times you use bicycle sunglasses and increase the cost.

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